When lives depend on the right diagnosis, you need the confidence that you can deliver. That calls for a trusted partner to help ensure systems are performing properly, staff are trained and processes optimized. So you can concentrate on providing answers.

Customer services ˅ ˄

Customer services

Today, the service experience goes above and beyond pure maintenance. Service can make the difference to your daily operations and help you evolve. This is why we keep innovating our portfolio and team up with you for enhanced efficiency and optimized clinical outcomes. As our world becomes more connected each day, we put special focus on adding new services to our digital offerings so we can fulfill your requirements better and faster. With our services, we are by your side whenever you need us. Always on. Always in touch.

Partner up for an excellent experience and seamless operations

. To excel in your daily operations, you need a service partner to rely on. In order to be an innovation leader, achieve great financial results, benefit from an excellent reputation and implement highly efficient operations, you need to outperform in all these dimensions - ?and so does your service partner. A good service partner can make the difference, so that you feel at ease about all angles of your operations. It is all about this worry-free feeling of having the right partner by your side so that you can achieve your goals. However, have you ever thought about what qualifies the perfect service partner?

. Al-Redwan Customer Services is the partner by your side

. At Al-Redwan Customer Services, our goal is to help you succeed every day. Our strong foundation provides you with the right ingredients to support you transforming the way you deliver care to your patients.

7 ingredients that make us the service provider of choice:

master of their own technology

The proximity to our R&D centers enables an integration of innovation and continuous improvements

A committed team of experts

We are always on and always in touch to give you confidence and help you overcome obstacles in your daily routine with our motivated workforce

A seamless incident process

Our incident management process quickly solves errors and identifies sustainable solutions for larger challenges

unique education program

Our training program has a long tradition and teaches our experts to know your fleet and clinical workflows inside out.

A streamlined Logistics operator

Our logistics network provides fast delivery of service parts so your system can continue to run reliably

A perfectionist in service performance management

A tradition of measuring and improving service KPIs leads to service quality and excellence and has driven us to surpass ourselves every day again

An innovator in digitalization

Our innovations transcend our medical equipment and bring rthe power of digitalization to our service performance

Healthcare Education and Workforce Solutions

Discover how Education and Workforce Solutions can create added value for you

Healthcare providers face a very demanding task: The well-being of patients depends on their skills, abilities, and level of knowledge. An increasing number of patients to care for and fewer skilled personnel available to employ also causes an additional staffing problem. Keeping up with new methods, staying on top of technology, and sharing know-how can make a decisive difference. Explore how you can leverage education and entire workforce solutions to transform care delivery, improve the patient experience, and increase staff satisfaction.

AL-Redwan Customer Services is the partner by your side

At Al-Redwan, we are committed to educating your staff and sharing know-how with you. In today's healthcare environment especially, both cost and time pressures make it difficult for staff to travel for training. Our experts are available where you need them - whether in the classroom or through our personalized online training platforms.

Learning is leading - 3 trends shape our education in healthcare

From the time of installation, through upgrades and support - we are at your side with the education you need.


Personalized learning

Education is excellent, When i can personalize What you want to learn.

Blended learning

Education is excellent, When it can matches How you want to learn.

Life-long learning

Education is excellent, When it fits perfectly to When you want to learn.

Partner up for digitalization

We realize that in times of digitalization, services need to evolve time and again to fit to your requirements. Our digital touch points enable us to provide our traditional services more productively, comfortably, and faster so that you can operate at full speed. The way we digitalize healthcare allows us to be right by your side, even when you can't see us. It's our smart approach that combines digital with personal support to keep your operations running smoothly. The services we offer to you are enabled by a variety of data-based technologies and an infrastructure that allows us to adapt our offerings more closely to your needs. Digitalization is essential to the future of healthcare. Explore how our offerings use digital and intelligent technologies to create added value for your institution, your patients, and your staff. Always on. Always in touch.

Service Plans

Protecting your investment in medical equipment is key to sustainable business success.You can have optimal service coverage with a service plan that perfectly matches your needs. Benefit from maximized equipment performance and improved staff expertise while keeping unplanned service costs to a minimum-so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Connect Platforms and Smart Enablers

Staying up to date with technology and expertise while also keeping track f equipment performance and maintenance can be a time-consuming task. By connecting to our digital platforms-the Connect Platforms-we can enhance your daily operations as they provide access to our service experts, equipment information, and education insights.Customer Services Smart Enablers are top-notch technologies that expedite the delivery of our services in a highly efficient way.

UpTime Services

UpTime Services are designed to provide equipment availability and assure long-term quality and safety to allow you to manage (un-)planned downtimes so that your equipment performs optimally.

Planned Maintenance

I for reliable equipment operation and diagnostic quality in line with regulatory guidelines.

Corrective Maintenance

for optimized uptime through fast error correction by certified technical experts

Application Support

for in-house clinical support

UpSpeed Services

UpSpeed Services give you access to experts anytime to answer technical and clinical application questions remotely and proactively monitor your equipment - for fast and smooth-running operations.

Remote Support

for fast access to certified technical experts and immediate assistance in daily clinical operations

Monitoring & Prediction

for detection of software and hardware malfunctions as well as analysis and fixing of deviations

UpSkill Services

UpSkill Services enable you to enhance your understanding of the application and technical aspects of our equipment and increase your clinical knowledge. Job-specific skill sets will allow you to provide better patient care.

Education & Training

for workforce know-how,efficiency through knowledge, and competency development.

Optimization & Consulting

for equipment optimization and standardization of imaging protocols and examination workflows

Options & upgrade services ˅ ˄

.Options & upgrade services

You have bought AL-Redwan equipment to be at the forefront of innovation. With the broad Al-Redwan Options & Upgrades portfolio you can keep your assets state-of-the-art and stay competitive. Options & Upgrades portfolio hold the right solution for your needs - whether it's about keeping up with current capability and performance or extending your assets lifecycle. Most clinical applications are available as free-of-charge 30 day Trial Licenses. Benefit from the ability to assess the value of the desired application before investment. In addition we recommend to check out the Options & Upgrades Calculator. This calculator helps you to assess the potential value of our Options & Upgrades portfolio specifically for your institution.